Golden Entry's CMS is based on the Golden Ratio and other Nature's rules. It's related with the so called Divine Numbers, the base numbers with which God has created anything, humans too..
The rules we arte talk about are thing like the Golden Ratio, and so the Golden Proportions, Fibonacci Sequence, Sacred Geometry, Octaves Law and Platonic Solids.

Things made with these numbers gives to us a natural harmony because they are made as we are made. They are also inside in minerals, vegetables and animals.

So the CMS uses these numbers in all the templates: From the proportions of the images to the positioning of elements in the page, from boxes to bars and menus. We are happy to talk about this and give to you any information, but maybe you'll appreciate the free signup, so you can try to use it now.

At the moment we have started with 2 templates and we are working for more. Feel free to give us a feedback, suggestions and ask more infos from the contact page.