Golden Entry is a creative agency that creates and design projects inspired to the Nature.
Basically our creations refers to the Golden Ratio, and so the PHI Number and Golden Spiral, Fibonacci Sequence, Sacred Geometry and Platonic Solids.

Golden Entry is also a CMS to publish your site in minutes with all this Golden features and the best designs rules like a clear reading and Responsive Templates.

This Golden Features are everywhere in our templates like images, galleries, spaces, menu, boxes and more. Sometime. like the font size, it's better to have a clear size instead a Fibonacci size but this is one exception because also our graphic projects we use this the Golden Rules.

With Golden Features we mean rules and measures that the Nature use to creates everything, also the human being. Of course the Nature has not (directly) created the numbers, we did it, but we find this numbers everwhere.
In Nature you can easily find this numbers in fruit and vegetables but also in the logotypes of Apple, Pepsi and National Geographic.

In fact the Golden Ratio is based on the Golden Number (1.618) and a rectangle with a side of 1.618 of the other can be perceived more harmonious of another with a different proportion because there is an inner relation with us and our world.

Sacred Geometry is generally associated with church, temples, mosques and other sacred building or referred to the rules behind nature. More then Sacred Geometry we talk about Platonic Solids (associated with the Sacred Geometry) when we create deisgn.

The Fibonacci Series is a sequence where every number is the sum of the two previous numbers (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13...). On the square of each number is possible to build a Golden Spiral (see the picture). A clear example is the shell of a snail and like the Golden Number (PHI) the more you search for an examples the more you can find them. Golden Spiral Fibonacci
The Golden Ratio, or PHI number, is a natural ratio that appears everywhere in nature (minerals, vegetales and animals) like in the human body proportions or in a flower. The value of this ratio is approximatly 1.618 and we can use it, for example, for images size and photograph galleries.
Golden Spiral Fibonacci
The Sacred geometry are rules and proportions used to build church, temples, mosques and other sacred building. The Sacred Geometry is also referred to the rules behind nature, like Nautilus or the beehives hexagons.
Golden Spiral Fibonacci